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Get A Man Who Loves Your Bush

Ode to My Hair Down There

Trauma & PTSD

How My World View Changed After Trauma

Trauma, PTSD & Me: My Long Road of Recovery, Part #3

Trauma & PTSD

Top 10 Tips To Help in Recovering from Trauma

Trauma, PTSD & Me: My Long Road of Recovery. Part #2

Trauma & PTSD

‍My Incident & The Aftermath

Trauma, PTSD & Me: My Long Road of Recovery. Part #1


Dos Gardenias Lyrics in English

Performed by Antonio Machín & Buena Vista Social Club

Being Single

The Old Stone and The Desert

A parable I wrote for my single girlfriends searching for "the one".


My Crush's Wedding

I watched my crush marry another woman and...


The English Girl & The Peyote Ceremony

An English girl adventures into the valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico...

The Female Body

How My Period Helps My Mindset

I discover a lot during one day of clarity every month...


How Tech is Ruining The World

Not all technology is good technology. I know because I helped build it...


What about Bedtime Stories for Adults?

I loved it when my mother read to me as a child....


Oso Blanco Lyrics in English

Spanish & English: Translating my new favorite song

Poetry & Prose

The Man Version of Me

If only I was a man, I would...

The Female Body

What I Learnt from my First LSD Trip

Venturing into the Allegheny National Forrest in Pennsylvania...


Why I'm Not Vegetarian

How I narrowly escaped having an eating disorder...


Trying out a Kink App: Feeld Expedition #1

I found a submissive man who...


How I Unstuck Myself From My Corporate Zombie Overlords

I ordered a hot oat latte...


How I've Been Healing from Emotional Neglect

I learnt to put my needs on a side plate...


How I'm Dealing with Disappointment after College

"Real" life has been a rollercoaster...


Getting Over My YouTube Addiction

I've struggled with this for years.


Death, Generations & The Earth

I think about death all the time.

Poetry & Prose

Young & Wrong

I used to treat myself like a soldier in training.

Poetry & Prose

What Happened On My Most Challenging LSD Trip

A whirlwind of peach and strawberry-flavored psychedelics in a hotel room...

Poetry & Prose

My First Kiss...Ever

We had been drinking Fanta...

Poetry & Prose

How I'm Processing Difficult Things From My Childhood

My sister and I slept in the basement...

Poetry & Prose

How I'm Learning to Ask for Help

And unpacking why I haven't been able to yet...


How I Manipulated My Boyfriend

We're not together anymore, so I can admit that...

Poetry & Prose

Stories & Memories

What would be the worst thing to lose?

Poetry & Prose

How I Reconnected with my Jewish Ancestors

It came in the form of a secret message from beyond the grave...

Poetry & Prose

Calling A Place Home

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." - Samuel Johnson

Poetry & Prose

Today & Covid

How Covid has changed my life, and what I've learnt

Poetry & Prose

The Car That Mortified Me

Reconnecting with Blake, my long-lost summer love.

Poetry & Prose


I wanted new glasses for Christmas. I have naturally terrible eyesight.

Poetry & Prose

My Epiphany

Trigger warning - sexual assault is discussed.

Poetry & Prose


Hello, Anxiety, my old friend...

Poetry & Prose

Last 24 Hours

Silencing Myself

Poetry & Prose

New Year's Eve

(Trigger warning - sexual assault is discussed)


Anal Equality

It's exactly what you think it is, and this is why it matters. (18+ only, sex discussed)


Things I Made Up

"For most of history, Anonymous was a woman." - Virginia Woolf


How To Negotiate Your Job Offer Without Coming Off As An Asshole

And you’re scared to because you have no idea what you’re doing 😬


How to get an interview with a human after applying for a job online

Boring but important info for getting your way with job applications 💼*


Why You Should Give Up On Dating Apps

It's time to say goodbye to Tinder


What Last Name Will My Children Have?

Can I keep my last name, and be a feminist without being selfish?

Birth Control Playbook

What To Do When Your Partner Has Their Period

For people who don’t have periods who are attracted to people that do 🍆 🍑

Birth Control Playbook

A Guide to Periods and Birth Control, for Guys

For people who don’t have periods who are attracted to people that do. 🍆 🍑

Birth Control Playbook

Preparing For Your IUD Insertion

Getting ready to get an IUD? Here's how to prepare and what to expect.

Birth Control Playbook

Why Is The Pill The Most Common Birth Control?

It won't be the most common for much longer...

Birth Control Playbook

How to Navigate Changes To Your Body While You're On The Pill

Tip: Most changes to your body are natural, not side effects of the pill. You’re in control 🚀

Birth Control Playbook

The Condom Test

If your partner does not want to use a condom, they might be an asshole.

Product Design

Hometown Product Concept

FNAR 234 Final Project for Sebastien Derenoncourt


Eden Product Concept: Indoor Plant Care for Busy People

A portfolio for IPD 511, instructed by Albert Cho


Autonomy: A Bio Design Exhibition

Collaborated with Minjun Chen over three months to create a typography installation for “Biological Design” (FNAR 268)

Birth Control

Birth Control Data Project

OIDD 215, Data Project 1 for Prasana Tambe

Product Design

Brite Box: A New Product Concept Using API Data

OIDD 215, Data Project 2 for Professor Prasanna Tambe

Coding Challenges

Machine Learning & Churn Rate: Accurate vs. Actionable Models

OIDD 245 Final Project | Professor Prasanna Tambe


Dating Apps: A Review

What I've Learnt Being On and Off Dating Apps for 5 Years


Misogyny is Alive and Well in America

Millennial Female Leaves San Francisco and meets Average American White Male Misogynist in his 50s 👨🏼


My Experience Having The Alpha Variant of COVID-19

Before COVID tests were even available...


What is Femtech?

Why is it a big deal?

Poetry & Prose

Pussy Prologue

A Modern Poem


Let's Stop Talking About Dating With Our Female Friends

It's Worse To Do It Than You Think

Being Single

How to Make The Most of Being Single

Being Single Is Awesome. Enjoy it.


Taking Hormonal Birthday Control Is Safer Than Being "Natural". Here's Why.

Getting a Hormonal IUD has given me years without periods and has saved me weeks of suffering with cramps.


Let's Stop Asking Women About Their Relationship Status

See young women as people, not as potential wives


The Bumble IPO

Why it means everything and nothing about female founders


Why Financial Independence Matters for Women

“Only 48% of millennial women say they have three months’ worth of emergency savings, while almost 70% of men do.”


Ojos del Sol: Lyrics in English

Song by Y La Bamba (one of my favorites)