I have no idea what it was like to be raised as a dude, but my guess is that people could have told you more about periods (the menstrual cycle) and birth control. To get some insights, I asked females on Reddit and pulled 47 responses to these questions:

  1. What do you wish men knew about birth control?
  2. What do you wish men knew about periods?
  3. How should a guy treat his partner when it comes to her body?

People with periods are more independent than ever, traveling solo and winning their own bread 🍞 Today, “being a man” is about being emotionally intelligent, mastering the menstrual cycle, and sharing the responsibility of preventing pregnancy. In this series, I’ll reveal their tips on how you can do that to support the girls in your life, especially your current and future female partner(s).  

It’s time to have a couple honest conversations with your partner about what they want, look deep inside your soul and ask yourself:

  • Which of these tips could I try? 🧐  
  • Which of these tips do I already do? 👏🏽
  • Where could I improve? 💪🏽

May you flourish and be a great partner 😎