Hi, I'm Tash Doherty

I'm an author, advocate and speaker. This site hosts my writings on women’s rights, business, sex, relationships and more. I’m a graduate of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, where I was a Turner Social Impact Scholar

I’m fascinated by complex topics that shape the female experience, such as technologies created for the female body and sex workers’ rights. That’s why I create, host and produce the podcast MissEducated, ranked in the top 5% on ListenNotes. I also shared my birth control experience on TikTok, which went viral. I like to shed light on difficult topics, but I also don’t take life too seriously.

This brought me to my first novel, Peach Tulips, which I'm working to get published. I found my way back to writing through trauma then therapy; you can listen about that here. Peach Tulips is the story of Abbie Chesterton, a teenage girl in London who dreams of becoming an artist, who falls in love with the dark and troubled Jonah Wood. If you like feminist stories mixed with steamy teen romance, this is the book for you!  

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