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These Perfectly Careless Things
A spicy, coming-of age debut novel
by Tash Doherty

Step into the world of 15-year-old Abbie Chesterton in "These Perfectly Careless Things," a semi-autobiographical, spicy, and relatable coming-of-age debut novel by Tash Doherty. Ideal for fans of Euphoria and Sally Rooney.

Set in 2010 London, Abbie is struggling to find herself amidst her world of private school gossip. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets the enigmatic Jonah Wood, an American of the same age with an intriguing intellect.

Join Abbie on a journey of art, adventure, and intimate exploration as she pursues the perfect portfolio to secure a spot at Jonah's prestigious school. But blinded by ambition, Abbie risks losing everything, including her best friend, Julie. When she realizes how much Jonah has changed her, it may already be too late.

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